The comprehensive range of products and services provided by Hobet Group companies cater for all the needs of poultry farming, right up to the end consumer. The entire production chain is traceable from the breeding hens to the supermarket shelf. This gives us networked control of all stages of the supply chain and assures our high quality standards are met.

Breeding chicks and Pullets

Parent stock birds – Hatching eggs 
Breeding chicks and rearing young hens are the upstream stages of egg production. Without parent stock birds there would be no hatching eggs. The cycle of high-quality production therefore already starts here, with farms that breed the parent stock birds. Several flocks of parent stock birds ensure enough hatching eggs are available for chick production.

We attach great importance to the animal-friendly treatment and excellent health of our chicks. Thanks to a sophisticated quality management system and complete traceability, we are helping to promote high standards in the Swiss poultry industry.

Hatchery – Chicks
Our hatchery provides all the potential we need to meet Swiss demand for all colour chicks.

Rearing – Pullets
Our facilities for rearing chickens are distributed across the whole of Switzerland. Methodical husbandry procedures lay the foundation for the hens‘ perfect state of health. 

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Every year f&f SA/AG processes over 100 million eggs. With over 30 years‘ industry experience, every day we supply the wholesale trade, catering, retailers, resellers and trading companies across the whole of Switzerland with fresh eggs and egg products in various permutations. Our production meets the globally accepted food industry standard FSSC 22000.

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Chicken housing

We build chicken sheds for Switzerland's poultry industry. Our barn systems are tried and tested, functional and sustainable.

Applying our many years of experience from the planning to the design and construction stage, we design our facilities to suit the natural needs of the birds. All our chicken sheds are regularly checked by animal welfare inspectors.

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Veterinary care

Adequate veterinary care and advice is a top priority for all poultry farms across Switzerland. GalliVet SA is the newest member of the Hobet Group, and started trading in 2019. The idea is to create a centre of excellence in the coming years which, backed by the many years of know-how acquired by its sister companies and the specialist knowledge of vets, is able to deliver a professional and exclusive service to all its customers.

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Organic chicks and young hen production

We operate our organic hatchery in partnership with Hosberg AG in Rüti.

Assuring the chicks‘ welfare is very important to us. Chicks are delivered in specially equipped vehicles by our trained personnel. All chicks leave our hatchery with their own passport. This makes it possible for our customers to trace the chicks‘ origins right back to the parent stock birds. We are particularly proud of the excellent quality of our chicks.

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Egg production

Pollicoltura Gordola SA is a poultry farm in the Canton of Ticino.

We produce and sell eggs from 17,000 brown laying hens farmed organically. Our production satisfies the strict guidelines of BTS and RAUS V regulations (Animal welfare Standards). Operations are controlled by Schweizer Tierschutz, the Swiss animal welfare Organization. Regular checks for salmonella and worms are part of the quality and hygiene concept. We deliver fresh eggs daily to our regional customers. In addition, we have a farm shop that sells eggs, hens, packaging materials and animal feed for hens. 

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Regionale Vermarktung

In Cadenazzo TI ensteht derzeit eine neue Packstelle. Der Betrieb wird Mitte 2022 aufgenommen. Hier werden Eier aus dem Tessin konfektioniert und an Grosshandel, Grossisten, Detaillisten, Direkt-Vermarkter und Handelsfirmen ausgeliefert. 

Frische Eier aus der Region – für die Region Ticino und angrenzende Kantonsgebiete. Ökologisch nah macht Sinn!

Mit einem Fuss in der Technologiezukunft

Radicos ist ein OEM-Unternehmen, das 2011 gegründet wurde, um TWIN, ein bahnbrechendes Sensor-Aktor-Netzwerk, zu entwickeln und zu globalisieren. Wir beteiligen uns an Radicos, weil wir an die technologische Zukunft glauben.

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